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We’re empowering organizers to transform how attendees experience events by unifying the best technology and teams in the industry.

A Solution Decades
in the Making

our story

Leap team at an event

We discovered a universal challenge facing event organizers: their data was left uncaptured or was spread across multiple vendors and platforms, making it hard to get a holistic view of their entire experience. So we set out to do the  impossible: bring together the best technology and people in the industry to create the ultimate solution for events everywhere. Here’s how we did it.


2001 - 2014

The Beginning

All of our product solutions were founded as individual companies specializing in event technology and services. They all quickly emerged as leaders in the industry.


July 2017

The Renaissance

Our mission of creating the complete event technology solution comes to life! Patron Technology expands to become the initial parent company of PatronManager and ShowClix, solidifying our position as an industry trailblazer.


September 2017

Self-Service Ticketing, Check

Ticketleap joins the family as our easy-to-use ticketing platform for self-service events, unlocking a brand new audience for us to explore.


February 2018

Mobile Apps, Acquired

Greencopper joins our team as our mobile event app solution to help organizers better connect with their attendees.


August 2018

Experiential Marketing, Secured

Thuzi joins our ever-evolving solution set as our experiential marketing platform to help organizers engage attendees and learn more about them.


July 2019

International Ticketing, Conquered

To grow our global presence and meet international clients where they are, Ticketbooth joins our family as our powerful ticketing platform tailored for events in Australia and New Zealand.


January 2020

Conventions, Managed

To help meet the unique needs of fandom events and comic cons, we welcome GrowTix as our full-service fandom convention management solution.


January 2023

Marketing, Remastered

Fan Interactive Marketing rounds out our start-to-finish offering as our marketing services solution, bringing their expert digital marketing and analytics team into the fold.


June 2023

The New Us

Patron Technology evolves into Leap Event Technology, further representing our elevation of the industry. Now, with our unified solution, we’re empowering organizers to collect deeper insights into their customers and create more engaging, more thrilling, and more impactful event experiences than ever before.

Why Leap

The right name helps shape an organization’s identity, and ours is no different. The name Leap not only serves as a reference to our self-service solution Ticketleap, but also promises an elevation from the expected technology and services that pack the events industry. It represents how our ever-evolving suite of tools, services, and data insights help fuel the passion and excitement of event goers all over the world. Simply put, it embodies our unrelenting dedication to transforming events.

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The Core Values That Drive Us Every Day

Our Core Values

Our core values shape our culture and drive our operations day in and day out. Not only do they push us to be the best possible partners for our clients, they encourage us to challenge each other, grow together, and give attendees the experience of a lifetime (while we have some fun, too).

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We Transform Experiences

We don’t follow a script; we write it. Our team pushes the industry forward and revolutionizes how event-goers connect with each other. We are innovative thinkers who unleash our creativity to build solutions creators use to transform their events into impactful experiences.

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We Win Together

Our employees, clients, and partners make up our all-star team. We collaborate, encourage, and rely on one another’s strengths on and off the field. We are transparent and intentional in our communications and value building long-lasting relationships.

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We Thrive on Enthusiasm

We are fanatics; we rock out in bands, enter cosplay competitions, and cheer on our favorite sports teams. That enthusiasm allows us to connect with event creators, understand their passions, and take their experiences to a whole new level.

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We Embrace Differences

Our team is made up of people with eclectic backgrounds and experiences from all over the world. We challenge one another, learn from each other, and celebrate our differences. The result? A solution worthy of a standing ovation.

Who We Are

Marc Jenkins Marc Jenkins

Marc Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer
Michael Marty Michael Marty

Michael Marty

Betsy Grider Betsy Grider

Betsy Grider

Chief Strategy Officer
Alex Pendleton Alex Pendleton

Alex Pendleton

Chief Financial Officer
Rachel Bullock Rachel Bullock

Rachel Bullock

Chief Operating Officer
Jim Barczak Jim Barczak

Jim Barczak

Chief Revenue Officer
Lauren Chan Lee Lauren Chan Lee

Lauren Chan Lee

Chief Product Officer
Mike Clow Mike Clow

Mike Clow

Chief Technology Officer
Doug Lyons Doug Lyons

Doug Lyons

SVP, Marketing & Communications

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