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Merchant Services

Elevate your attendees’ experience, streamline your cash flows, and get more time back with Leap's integrated payment processing solution, powered by Stripe.


Transform Your Events with Our Payment Solution

Take full advantage of our merchant services powered by Stripe, the industry-leading payment processor for millions of companies across the globe. Integrated with our ultimate event technology solution, our event payment processing offers you powerful management tools, convenient purchase options for your attendees, and extra protection against chargebacks. The best part? We save you more time and money, all while making it easier than ever for your fans to buy their tickets!

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The Leading Purchase Experience for Your Fans

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Hassle-Free Use

Streamline your event payment processing with our all-in-one solution, skipping any back and forth with third-party services.

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Unparalleled Convenience

Give your attendees a seamless ticket buying experience and flexible range of payment options to choose from.

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Maximum Security

Rest assured that we’re taking every measure to protect your ticket buyers’ payment information and mitigate any fraud.

How Our Merchant Services Empower You

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Flexible Payment Options

Offer your ticket buyers a wide range of payment options both online and onsite, giving them the utmost convenience and maximizing your revenue.

Chargeback Management

Sit back and relax as our risk management team settles payment disputes for you, saving you time and keeping more money in your pocket.

Payment Authentication

Give fans peace of mind that we safeguard their personal information with our PCI compliant solution and protect against fraud using payment verification with Stripe.

Customizable Reporting

Pull tailored reports in minutes to gain deeper insights from your data, easily reconcile your funds, and better understand your cash flows.

Automatic Payouts

Get your funds deposited directly to your bank account and have more of your ticket earnings readily available towards your next event.

Timely Refunds

Handle any partial or full refunds that come your way with ease to optimize your cash flow and build trust with your fans.

We Defend Against Your Chargebacks

Rely on us to fight your chargebacks harder than anyone else in the industry. As we address each chargeback that comes through our system, our expert team takes every measure to contact your ticket buyers, gather evidence on fraudulent claims, and win back your hard-earned revenue. With a successful track record for thousands of clients, we’re here to do the same for you!


We’ve been using Leap for over 10 years and they always meet our changing needs with new tools and services—Leap Merchant Services is a great example! The team made it so easy to get set up and since it's already integrated with the rest of the Leap ticketing platform, there was no learning curve. It's made payment processing so much faster for our team, saving us hours!


VP & CFO of Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association

Frequently Asked

What are merchant services?

Merchant services refer to all support, equipment, and management capabilities related to your event payment processing. This involves accepting and processing your attendees’ payments both online and onsite, while safeguarding their purchase information. Additionally, this includes  protecting your transactions against fraud, fighting any chargebacks, depositing your revenue directly into your account, equipping you with reports and data to better track your cash flows, and much more.

How do I set up Leap Merchant Services?

It’s easy! If you’re not yet a Leap customer, please reach out to our team to get started. Leap Merchant Services is an integrated solution that’s part of our all-in-one event technology solution.

If you’re already using Leap, simply contact your account manager or our support team to get Leap Merchant Services set up. That way, we’ll have it turned on before your next event goes on sale for a faster transition and an elevated attendee experience!

How much does it cost?

Because Leap Merchant Services is part of our all-in-one event technology solution, the only additional costs are a competitive payment processing fee and the cost of acquiring payment terminals for in-person transactions. We're committed to always providing event organizers the best rates in the industry!

What payment methods does Leap support?

Leap Merchant Services offers a range of secure, convenient payment options for your attendees. Plus, we are constantly adding more features at no added cost to make your fans’ buying experience even more seamless, so you never miss a sale! 

At this time, all attendees can pay online or in-person using a credit or debit card supported by the major financial institutions (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). We’re also in the process of gradually rolling out Google Pay, Apple Pay, as well as Afterpay for payment installments. Contact our team today to learn more about what payment methods are available to you.

How long does it take for Leap to deposit my payments?

It’s quick! With Leap Merchant Services, you'll get your funds deposited directly to your bank account on a regular basis. For more specific details about this, please feel free to ask our team.

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