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Attendee Engagement

Take your event experience to the next level with our groundbreaking attendee engagement solutions, Leap Activations and Leap Mobile Apps.


Craft the Ultimate Experience

Stay ahead of the curve and give fans all they could ask for with Leap Attendee Engagement. Through our mobile app and activations solutions that are built to suit all your event and experiential marketing needs, you can craft the ideal experience for your attendees, from casual newcomers to super fans, all while capturing more data than ever before.

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What We Bring to the Table

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Complete Data Capture

From activations with QR codes to interactive games, you’ll learn everything you need to know about attendees to exceed their expectations.

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Spotlight Your Sponsors

Offer unique experiential event marketing opportunities to your sponsors that attendees will highly engage with and generate more leads.

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Amplify Your Event Day

Add extra convenience and fun to your experience with features like custom event schedules and mobile games for exclusive prizes.

Leap Mobile Apps & Activations

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The Perfect Companion to any Event

Give attendees all the tools they need to experience their perfect event day, right at their fingertips with Leap Mobile Apps. With a tailor-made mobile app branded around your event, you’ll be able to update attendees in real time and make it incredibly convenient for them to navigate your event grounds, all while gathering more data to improve your events. Whether it’s interactive venue maps, custom event schedules, or mobile reservations, our mobile app solution will open up new possibilities for both fans and organizers alike.

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Augment Your Event Experience

Provide the event experience of a lifetime, and effortlessly capture data on attendee engagement with Leap Activations. Through interactive experiences and immersive gamification (including from your event mobile app), you can ensure that fans have a blast at your event, while you learn what they want, what they don’t, and what they can’t get enough of. Plus, with our solution’s registration capabilities, you can gain more insights on every single attendee to curate highly sought-after content. That way, you can keep making your events the best they’ve ever been!


Transform Your Events Today