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Take your museum or curated exhibits to new heights with our museum ticketing software, CRM system, and other powerful tools, designed to help make your museum the best it’s ever been!

The Ultimate Solution for Museums

Create more immersive educational experiences, thanks to our museum management software! With all of your technology, data, and knowledge located in one place, you and your team will create an advanced admissions process for visitors, creating a smoother experience from start to finish.


You’ll also be able to take your data and analysis capabilities to another level, allowing you to identify potential donors and future members who might be interested in supporting you. We can’t wait to work with you and give you all the tools you need to build something spectacular for your museum, so you can continue to share your passion with the world! So, what are you waiting for?

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Creating Amazing Experiences Is What We Do.


Sell More Tickets

Draw in more museum-goers with our simple museum ticketing solution that lets you create events exactly the way you want. Build a ticketing page that’s perfectly branded to your exhibit with your logo and corresponding design, giving you ultimate control over your event page’s look and feel. With a seamless purchase experience to accompany it, you’ll be able to expand your audience and sell more tickets effortlessly.

Box office ticketing Memberships Group sale options Discount codes Branded ticketing pages Flexible payment options

Strengthen Your Membership Management

Your patrons are your top priority, and that makes them our top priority too. Connect deeper with our CRM for museums built on Salesforce, allowing you to manage memberships, track insights, and learn how you can create more tailored experiences based on real data. Our solution empowers you to invest in your museum’s community, reach out to new friends, and treat your loyal members better than ever before, as a part of your museum’s cherished family.

Detailed patron profiles Presales to upcoming events Custom dashboards Individual & family memberships Automatic member discounts Snapshot reporting

Surpass Your Fundraising Goals

Bring in more donations and grants with a complete fundraising system, designed to help you track and surpass your financial goals. Through ticketing, membership, and donation data, you can find individuals who are perfect fits to become proud donors to your museum, giving you more resources to expand and grow your gallery or museum. Through our dashboard, you can track progress, lay out goals, and manage both new and existing donors with ease, allowing you to meet your goals, set your sights even higher, and have more freedom to support your museum’s mission.

Grant tracking & management Unique donor insights Automated thank you letters Custom donation forms Automatic recurring donations Comprehensive reporting tools

Manage Your Integrated Payments with Ease

Make getting paid as easy as possible, thanks to Leap Merchant Services, powered by Stripe. Take control of your cash flow with our payment integration, saving you much-needed time and earning you more money. Stay protected from chargebacks with our chargeback support, including a dedicated manager to monitor and flag potential suspicious activity, so you can avoid fraud. With a complete integrated payments system, we’re letting you focus more on the day-to-day operations of your museum while simplifying how you generate revenue and maximize profits.

Online & onsite payment processing Custom reporting capabilities Chargeback protection & prevention PCI compliance Automatic payouts Direct refunds & settlements

Get the Most Out of Your Marketing

Spread the word about your museum’s latest collections and events with the help of our team of marketing experts. Using strategies best fit for your museum’s unique circumstances, we curate our marketing efforts across digital channels, like social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and email marketing, as well as pitch in with CRM support. But that’s not all: we’ll teach you best practices so you can market your museum like a pro, even without our help. You’ll be able to take further control of your campaigns with our marketing integrations, giving you everything you need to succeed.

Email marketing CRM support Facebook ads Instagram ads Google ads YouTube ads
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Unmatched Data-Driven Insights

Gain a comprehensive perspective of your museum that's unparalleled, courtesy of our integrated technology solution. With data and insights right at your fingertips, you’ll discover more about your museum than ever before, allowing you to pinpoint key improvements that will elevate your exhibits. Uncover your top donors, your most popular memberships, and your busiest times, giving you a wider glimpse into how patrons interact with your museum. From there, you can take those actionable insights to improve your museum!


With this data driving your strategies behind the scenes, you'll optimize your revenue and nurture a loyal, passionate community. Not only will you grasp all aspects of your museum visitors' behavior and decision-making processes, but you can also customize their experience to cater to their preferences, ensuring their time spent at your museum is fresh, exciting, and educational. You’ll keep them engaged throughout the day with your amazing exhibits, and have them talking about when they’ll be back next. That’s the power of our data-driven insights.

Transform Your Events Now

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