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Celebrate what you’re most passionate about with our complete event management platform, Leap Conventions!

Put Your Passion on Display

Give fans the ultimate event experience, with Leap Conventions backing you up. Our all-in-one convention management software ensures you and your team can seamlessly handle all the day-to-day tasks, while passionate fans have the time of their lives, creating cherished memories with their friends and family.

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

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Take Control with All-in-One Solution

Manage your event with a comprehensive suite of features and sell your tickets through fully branded ticketing pages – all with a single login.

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Craft Engaging Experiences

Construct memorable fan experiences, from an immaculate vendor floor, to a schedule of unparalleled content, to an all-star guest lineup.

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Hype Up Your Events

Spread the word about your convention with our built-in tools for email blasts, campaign tracking, and data collection right at your fingertips.

Transform Your Convention Today

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Features that Keep You Coming Back for More

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Branded Event Pages

Customize the colors, font, and logos on your ticketing page to match your event’s branding with our easy-to-use tools, helping your page stand out from the rest.

Talent & Payout Management

Track every special guest expense in our system, centralizing your finances and easily allocating payments with automated revenue splits.

Mobile Check-In

Smooth out your admissions by turning any mobile device into a ticket scanner, where you can look up scan history and search for orders instantly.

Ticket Upgrades & Swaps

Enable customers to quickly swap or upgrade their tickets, maximizing your convention’s attendance and improving their event day experience.

Schedule & Vendor Management

Take charge of your event schedules and elevate your vendors’ experience, ensuring seamless planning of daily activities and exceptional care for your convention exhibitors.

Additional Event Support

Let our experts help you throughout your convention, with both onsite event assistance and client support available to back you up.


Manage Everything You Need, All the Time

Need to change up a schedule? Edit staff and volunteer hours? Leap Conventions can do all that and more, with additional tools for managing the exhibits, talent, and special guests of your fan convention. No matter what your convention needs, our system is built for it. With your event management processes all in one place, putting together a successful convention just got a whole lot easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets this platform apart from other convention ticketing solutions?

We design our product with an all-in-one solution in mind. Our goal is to empower you to create and manage all of the nuances of your event (more than just ticketing!) through our event management platform. Managing volunteers and staff, programming and scheduling, gaming, and more all in a single place allows your event to be cohesive, connected, and organized.

Can I consolidate the spreadsheets I’m currently using into your system?

Yes! We have an import tool where you can upload the files you’re working with to manage your event’s operations and map the fields from your spreadsheet to the corresponding fields in Leap Conventions. This tool works for bringing data into tools such as Exhibitor, Volunteer, and Special Guest Management.

How can I communicate with my ticket buyers?

We have an email blast tool that allows you to send mass emails to segments of your attendees based on what they’ve purchased. Plus, this tool allows you to easily write, design, and send mass communication to volunteers, staff, and exhibitors as well!

What reporting options do you have for viewing my event’s data?

Our convention management software has a full reporting suite that quickly displays easy-to-read information about product sales, exhibitor purchases and deposits, and more. In addition, you can make custom exports of any of the data collected in our system to create the perfect spreadsheet.

Will I lose any of my data once my event is over?

Not at all! Your Leap Conventions account will have a history of all of your events with all of their data kept safe for your use. In your producer account, you’ll be able to compare your event's data so you can see how your event is growing from year to year!