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Epic Experiences

Give your fans the chance of a lifetime to meet their favorite celebrities, thanks to our convention photo ops and VIP experiences solution!

The Best in Convention Photo Ops

Make your attendees’ dreams come true! With Leap Epic Experiences, we offer a variety of services for fans to meet their idols and heroes in ways they’ll cherish forever. From autographs to celebrity photo ops, we have the all-in-one solution that handles each VIP experience service for fans from start to finish. That way, you can devote your attention to other aspects of your event, while earning more revenue than ever and delivering a seamlessly amazing experience for your fans!

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The Magic Starts Here

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Host Unforgettable Experiences

Connect your attendees with talent for autographs, photo and video ops, and exclusive VIP experiences, giving your fans memories they’ll treasure for years to come.

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Save More Time

Let us handle paying you and your talent, creating your photo op schedule, pulling financial reports, and managing the logistics of these experiences, so you can focus your time elsewhere.

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Maximize Your Revenue

Help your talent meet more fans per hour and upsell additional experiences at checkout, empowering them (and you!) to make more money and boost your bottom line.

Transform Your Events Today

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VIP experiences of epic proportions

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Ticketing Pages

Sell your exclusive celebrity photos and autographs with ease using our ticketing platform, complete with order add-ons, a full schedule view, filters by day, and presale features.

Powerful Dashboard

Track the progress of your VIP experience sales, including the individual earnings of your talents, and pull custom reports on them, all thanks to our intuitive dashboard.

Printed & Digital Photos

Give your fans a memento they’ll treasure for a lifetime! After meeting their idols, they’ll visit our dedicated station to get their physical prints and get an email of their digital ones at lightning speed.

Onsite Services

Recruit our team to help manage staffing your talent photo ops, including taking the photos, selling tickets onsite, and handling the admissions process of the experience.

Schedule & Floorplan Management

Let us coordinate your iconic celebrity photo and autograph schedules, and map out the locations of our photo op stations within your floor plan.

Payouts & Reporting

Enjoy the convenience of automatic payouts to you and your talent, depositing earnings straight to your bank accounts and providing financial reports after your event.

Help Your Talent Meet More Fans

Looking to offer incredible VIP experiences but worried about the time it takes to manage them? We’ve got you covered! Thanks to Leap Epic Experiences, we make the process of these memorable photo experiences super efficient. That way, your talent can meet as many fans as possible and have better-quality interactions with each of them. That way, they’ll be able to make more money in less time and have the best experience possible at your event.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of photo ops like exactly?

With Leap Epic Experiences, we streamline your convention photography sessions to save you time and help your attendees enjoy more of your event. It should take your attendees no more than 5 minutes between having their photo taken and walking out of the photo-op area with it. The process goes something like this:

  • Fans should arrive in the photo op area with their ticket at least 5 minutes, but no more than 15 minutes, before the photo op session starts.
  • A friendly usher will direct them to and from the talent and have a place for attendees to put their things.
  • Then, the magic happens! Attendees will meet their favorite celebrity and pose for the photo. Once they're done, they’ll pick up their belongings and head towards the photo pickup tables, following the signs in the area.
  • One of our print runners will give fans their photo upon arrival, so they’ll need to make sure to have their ticket ready.
  • Fans will take the photo and their ticket to the checkout station and have both scanned out. If they pre-purchased a digital copy, we will have emailed the photos to them automatically. Any pre-purchased extra prints are also automatically printed.
  • Should fans want to order any extra prints or digital copies after their experience, they can do so at our reprint station.

What are the group numbers on each ticket for?

For ease of operations, we’ve implemented a "group" system that works much like the zones used in airports for lining up. This way, select photo ops are subdivided into smaller sessions called “groups”. For example, fans may be lined up for Group 1 starting at 5:00 PM, Group 2 at 5:10 PM, Group 3 at 5:20 PM, etc.

This allows your attendees to arrive just 10 minutes before their group’s start time, rather than wait for an hour or more. Onsite, our Leap Epic Experiences team will usually have a PA system and TVs that will show which group we are now queuing or lining up. An important note for attendees: please always check onsite to make sure the group time for your photo op has not been changed!

What is the difference between a photo op and a meet & greet?

A photo op is just that – a quick photo opportunity with a certain celebrity. Meet & greets, however, tend to be longer where fans can have longer conversations with that given celebrity. When offering photo ops, it’s important to understand these are very fast-paced so the talent may accommodate as many fans as possible for this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Out of fairness to everyone, conversation with the talent, aside from a quick hello, is not permitted. However, the autograph area is a great place to have any kind of conversation with the talent!

What exactly are fans purchasing for a photo op? Do photo ops include autographs?

For photo ops, they’ll receive a high-quality, glossy 8x10 photograph of them with the celebrity of their choice, taken by one of our professional photographers. They’ll also have the option to purchase a digital version of the photo, buy additional prints, and more. As for autographs, these are purchased at a separate time and location from photo ops.

Do fans have to pay per person for a photo?

Nope! The price of a photo is the price per posed picture, not per person. The limit of individuals per photo op ticket depends on the event organizer and will be posted in the information section of the online Epic Experiences store or listed on the individual talent’s purchase page.