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That’s right, Patron Technology is now Leap Event Technology! We’re so excited for what the future holds, and we’re sure there’s a lot you want to ask. Check out our answers to the most common questions below.

Why the name Leap?

The name Leap not only serves as a reference to our self-service solution Ticketleap, but also promises an elevation from the expected technology and services that pack the events industry. Our new identity better represents who we are: event lovers who are passionate about taking your events to the next level. As Leap, we’re empowering organizers to create events that are more thrilling, more engaging, and more impactful than anything they’ve done before.

Were there any organizational changes made?

We have not made any major organizational or staffing changes. We are confident in our current team and its ability to deliver the best event technology and services solution for organizers around the world. Becoming Leap simply allows us to do that in a more united direction.

Will the Leap solution(s) I use change as a result of this rebrand?

Rest assured: your events will not be affected by this rebrand, and there are no actions to take on your end. As our offering continues to evolve, we will continue streamlining our solutions and their relationships with each other. As part of this initiative, the names and aesthetics of our product brands will eventually shift toward our unified Leap branding too. Since these changes will be gradually rolled out, the way you use Leap’s solutions and services won’t be affected now. The features and tools you’re familiar with will experience no interruption as we continue to roll out additional offerings.

Will I need to use every Leap solution moving forward?

No; you can use only one, some, or all. That’s the power of partnering with Leap. We offer the most flexible solution in the industry, which means you’re free to choose whichever Leap solution(s) suit your events the best.

Does this affect support for my events?

We do not anticipate any challenges with event operations and support. If anything, we’re committed to working behind-the-scenes to make your events even better, so you can focus on giving your attendees the best experience.

Will the pricing of Leap’s products change?

We do not anticipate the pricing of Leap’s products being affected at this time.