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Sports & Fan Events

Transform your fan event into an action-packed experience your attendees can’t get enough of with our all-in-one event technology solution.

The Ultimate Solution for Fan Events

Take your sporting event or fan experience up a notch by giving attendees the MVP treatment. By having all the technology, data, and expertise you need in one place, you’ll score the premier hat-trick and create incredible events. From surefire marketing campaigns to our sports fan engagement tools, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together.

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Creating Amazing Experiences Is What We Do.

Your Fan Event, Elevated

Score Big with Airtight Marketing

Showcase your fan event as it really is: a prime-time experience jam-packed with highlights. Our marketing experts will build, execute, and optimize your promotional efforts. With these highly-targeted marketing campaigns, you’ll hook new customers and bring in even more revenue!

Email marketing CRM support Twitter ads Instagram ads Google ads YouTube ads

Thrill Fans with a Mobile App

Keep your attendees pumped for all your fan events before, during, and after with a modern mobile app. Not only is it fully loaded with content tailored to each attendee, it helps them make the most of your event. By allowing fans to reserve their spot to meet their favorite players and easily explore your entire event, they’ll spend more time enjoying everything you have to offer.

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Collect Data with Fan Engagement

Give your attendees unique content and activities they can’t resist! By offering engagement tools, like QR code scanning around your event and digital scavenger hunts, they’ll earn badges by interacting with activities from you and sponsors. Attendees will spend more time playing games onsite and snapping cool pics, all while you collect preference and interaction data that gives you deeper insights into your fan event.

Gamification Photo & video opps Attendee registration Scan-for-info activations Scan-to-win activations Custom surveys

Let Our Team Help

Make sure you have every box checked with our onsite event experts. With decades of experience, our team is equipped to tackle draft nights, playoff games, and everything in between. Whether it’s handling admissions, setting up your onsite activations, or sending our event experts to assist you out onsite, we can help you put on a showstopper event effortlessly.

Onsite operations strategy Onsite tech setup Dedicated account manager Personalized event recommendations One-on-one training sessions Expert admissions support

Boost Ticket Sales

Sell multiple ticket types from the same event page, from general admission to box seats. Surprise customers with a seamless purchase process complete with branded event pages, merchandise upsells, and the ability to let customers pay for tickets in installments. Once your attendees arrive, use our secure admissions tools to get them in quickly so they can start enjoying your event right away!

Ticket bundles Ticket insurance Ticket exchanges Self check-in stations Merchandise upsells Secure admissions

Take Full Control of Your Payments

Fuel your fan event’s ticket sales with our seamlessly integrated merchant services, powered by Stripe. With our team of experts supporting you, you’ll have complete control of your payments (while we handle any chargebacks!) to save you time and maximize your revenue. Plus, you’ll level up your fans’ purchase experience tenfold with tons of flexible payment options and top-notch security of their personal information.

Chargeback management Payment installments Google Pay & Apple Pay Direct refunds & settlements PCI compliance Online & onsite payment processing
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Unmatched Data-Driven Insights

Unlock a holistic view of your entire fan event that you can’t get anywhere else, with an assist from our unified technology solution. Learn who your fans’ favorite players are, how many games they attend every season, how often they use your app, and so much more.

With all of this data guiding your playbook, you’ll maximize revenue and create even more thrilling events. Not only will you understand everything your attendees do and how they make decisions, you can tailor your experience to their preferences and keep them engaged all day long.

Transform Your Events Now

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