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February 27, 2024

Leap Event Technology Pays Tribute to  Leap Day with #LeapIntoAction

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This is the year of Leap! Join Leap Event Technology as they support charities, celebrate their clients, and showcase their team throughout the year.

DALLAS, TX – February 27, 2024 – Since the dawn of time, our planet’s journey around the sun has exceeded 365 days by a quarter of a day each year. The solution? An extra special day added every four years – Leap Day. Since this once-every-four-year occasion and their company’s name is a match made in heaven, Leap Event Technology has now claimed this extra day to honor their team, their clients, and their community with #LeapIntoAction.

Leaping Into 2024

To celebrate the occasion, Leap Event Technology is launching a series of initiatives to acknowledge and recognize their supportive partners, using Leap Day as the perfect launching pad (as if this day was created just for them!). “We’re not just seizing the day; we’re seizing the extra day,” declared President Michael Marty. Keep a watchful eye on their social media channels for exciting updates and announcements!

Win Together, Give Together

In conjunction with the energy of Leap Year, Leap is spearheading a movement that encourages widespread participation across the industry. On February 29th, a portion of all ticket sales — 29 cents per ticket — will be donated to a select charity. A pool of potential charities will be selected from employee recommendations, with the winning one voted on by Leap’s followers on LinkedIn

One lucky voter will also receive an exclusive Leap Day gift as a token of appreciation for participating in the poll that selects this year’s #LeapIntoAction charity. By giving back, Leap aims to inspire others in the events industry to leap into action and donate in similar ways to charitable causes. If you’re interested in donating alongside Leap, please feel free to tag them on social media (@leapeventtech) or send an email to [email protected].

Celebrating #LeapIntoAction Year Round

This is only the beginning! On the 29th of every month for the rest of the year, Leap will release a series of videos under the hashtag #LeapIntoAction that shines the spotlight on their employees. In these videos, they will showcase the vibrant culture of the individuals who are the cornerstone of their success. The goal? To build momentum around the #LeapIntoAction campaign and rally employees, clients, industry leaders, and event-goers around advocating for these initiatives as well. Alongside these plans, Leap’s Culture and Engagement committee has also curated monthly activities to draw the company closer together as they transform event experiences.

With Leap Day occurring just once every four years, Leap Event Technology is taking full advantage of this opportunity to own the year and use it to drive the industry forward in many positive ways. Join us in the year of Leap as we make a difference across multiple communities, one event at a time!

And don’t call it a comeback; they’re already planning for 2028.

About Leap Event Technology

Leap’s global event technology solution empowers organizers to transform their events into electrifying experiences for attendees. The company provides an all-in-one suite of ticketing, mobile apps, experiential marketing, CRM, and event management tools, combined with expert marketing and analytics services. This unified approach empowers organizers to drive nonstop engagement and capture fan insights before, during, and after their event. With offices in Dallas, Montreal, and Sydney, plus an expansive remote workforce, their team is dedicated to helping organizers connect with audiences and bring once-in-a-lifetime experiences to eventgoers around the world. Their game-changing technology and passionate team are why the most iconic brands in attractions, music, fandom conventions, sports, and the arts use Leap to elevate their experiences. Find out more at

Leap Media Contacts:
Ryan Carlson
VP, Marketing Operations

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