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July 24, 2019

Patron Technology Acquires Three New Products in Cashless/RFID, Marketing, and International Ticketing

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Patron Technology, an industry-leading live event technology company, announced today it has acquired Ticketbooth, along with sister companies Token Systems and Audiencetools. Audiencetools, a social marketing platform used to help sell more tickets, and Token Systems, an RFID solution for cashless payments at events, are both owned by Ticketbooth. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The addition of Ticketbooth solidifies Patron Technology’s global presence. While the company already supports numerous festivals and events around the world, this is the first acquisition based outside of North America.

Patron Technology is the only event technology company offering a start-to-finish platform, including ticketing, event operations, data-driven engagement tools, experiential marketing, and mobile app solutions, aimed at growing events. Audiencetools greatly increases the social marketing capabilities of event organizers. Token makes it easy for attendees to make purchases during the event.

“Over the past few years, Patron Technology has grown into a global presence in the event industry, offering event organizers a better, more flexible way to manage their events and deepen their relationship with attendees and sponsors. Our top priority, always, is providing our partners with the tools they need to take their event to the next level. With this latest acquisition of Ticketbooth, we will be able to do even more to give attendees an amazing event experience,” says Marc Jenkins, Patron Technology CEO.

“We already work well with ShowClix and align with the mission of Patron Technology to supply organizers with the tools they need to create awesome experiences every step of the way, so I am pleased to be integrating with the Patron Technology team fully,” says Simon Guerrero, CEO of Ticketbooth. He continues, “Both Token and Audiencetools are positioned to help with strong cashless and social marketing platform offerings for the U.S.”

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About Patron Technology

Patron Technology helps live event organizers create better experiences for attendees and deeper relationships with sponsors through a complete, data-driven event technology solution. Event organizers of different sizes and across different segments use Patron Technology for ticketing, marketing, fan engagement, CRM, logistics, data management, and more.

About Ticketbooth

Ticketbooth leads the way in providing innovative event ticketing and marketing solutions to hundreds of events across Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Token is a global provider of advanced RFID solutions that is pioneering a new age of cashless payments, access control, and experiential activations at events of all sizes. Audiencetools is a first-of-its-kind marketing platform designed to help harness your social reach and, in turn, sell more tickets. With the tools to streamline your event planning and grow your audience, it is a platform to help you nail your digital marketing strategy and set your event apart from competitors.

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