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August 11, 2020

Patron Technology Launches “Virtually Limitless,” Prepares to Lead Future of Events

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Pittsburgh, PA

“It’s not about looking backwards and longingly waiting for things to return to the way they were. It’s about looking forward to how we can enhance and expand how the world consumes entertainment, while growing communities and cultivating a new event culture into the future,” said Doug Lyons, Patron Technology SVP of Marketing. “We aimed to create a complete, industry-shaping solution that could take events fully online, in-person, and a combination of the two.”

And with that, event technology leader Patron Technology, parent to a suite of integrated products including ShowClix, GrowTix, and Greencopper, launched “Virtually Limitless.” This initiative aims to leverage the company’s suite of event technology to transform the industry landscape by removing barriers previously known to organizers. It boasts nonstop engagement that fully immerses event attendees, expansive access to audiences previously unreachable, and, as the name suggests, virtually limitless possibilities for organizers to successfully create virtual, in-person, and hybrid experiences. 

Since March, when it became clear that COVID-19 would have extensive effects on live entertainment as a whole, Patron Technology has been laser-focused on developing brand new tools poised to transform how we all experience events. Not only has the company implemented new integrations and expansions of their traditional tools for ticketing, engagement, and mobile apps, they’ve also developed cutting-edge features for virtual events. Their virtual tools enable event organizers to create an entire monetized online experience complete with secure, gated access and a host of engagement and community features that bring audiences together, like in-stream chats, celebrity meet & greets, watch parties, in-app voting, gamification, and more. With these features, in addition to the company’s already extensive technology toolkit, Patron Technology became the first to offer a complete solution for any combination of online and in-person events.

Patron Technology’s virtually limitless initiative empowers event organizers to transform how their audience experiences their events. With the forward-looking event technology solution, event creators can make their experience accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time. They’re able to expand the boundaries of what an event can be and reach new audiences around the world, foster deeper connections with their local fan base, then bring their entire community together with a hybrid event that’s specifically tailored to their needs. 

“While many experiences have gone virtual for the time being, the tools we’ve built to service the entire industry have been developed in a way that will perpetuate long into the future,” Lyons said. “We know that moving forward hybrid events are poised to become the future of our industry, and what we’re doing with our technology today will shape the future and redefine what it means to be an event creator.”

About Patron Technology

Patron Technology’s virtually limitless event technology solution is redefining what it means to be an event creator. With their ever-evolving suite of tools, organizers can take control of their entire event, transform the attendee experience, and be a leader in their industry. Whether an organizer wants to create an in-person event, a fully virtual experience, or anything in between, Patron Technology’s team and technology are fully equipped with everything they need. That’s why iconic brands like New York Comic Con, Coachella, Museum of Ice Cream, NHL, and Dreamforce use their suite of integrated event technology to power their entire events. For more information visit

Patron Technology Media Contact
‍Amy Mrazek
VP of Marketing

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