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August 12, 2019

PatronManager Announces Automated Communications Tool for Enhanced Engagement

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Leading ticketing, fundraising, and marketing solution for the arts, PatronManager, a Patron Technology product, announced today the release of their automated patron communication tool and the use of credit card branded exclusive pre-sales to help their clients boost audience engagement and sell more tickets.

The updated automatic communication tool gives organizations using PatronManager the ability to more easily communicate with patrons by programming an HTML email to automatically send before and after attendance. Built directly inside of PatronManager’s system, clients will benefit from emails that are not only easier to design but can now be scheduled so patrons receive performance reminders and post-show acknowledgments and surveys. This feature will boost attendance, engagement, and give organizations more data.

PatronManager’s Managing Director, Michelle Paul, remarked, “Our new features and updates are built on the feedback we receive from our clients, so we are overjoyed to offer this highly anticipated feature!” Paul continued, “Pre-show and post-show emails are integral in marketing the arts, and it has been built to be used right out of the box, saving our clients valuable time and energy.”

Along with the communications tool, PatronManager also is giving its clients the ability to limit online ticket purchases to a specific type of credit card or bank for performances or events. With these credit card branded exclusive pre-sales, client organizations can now offer pre-sale tickets to patrons with a specified card brand, like American Express or MasterCard. Leveraging this feature will allow PatronManager users to seek partnerships and sponsorships from local or national banks, offer their cardholders and customers exclusive access to events, and sell more tickets.

About PatronManager

PatronManager’s mission is to revolutionize the ticketing industry by providing arts, culture, and live entertainment organizations with integrated world-class customer relationship management, box office ticketing, fundraising, and marketing solutions, built entirely on the world’s most advanced cloud-based CRM platform – Salesforce. PatronManager has been the fastest growing platform for arts and culture organizations in the U.S. Over 700 organizations use PatronManager, primarily symphony orchestras, theatres, opera companies, dance companies, university performing arts centers, and museums.

About Patron Technology

Patron Technology helps live event organizers create better experiences for attendees and deeper relationships with sponsors through a complete, data-driven event technology solution. Event organizers of different sizes and across different segments use Patron Technology for ticketing, marketing, fan engagement, CRM, logistics, data management, and more.

PatronManager Media Contact
Aaron Schwartzbord
Director of Marketing

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