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Mobile Apps

Unlock the power of fans’ mobile devices, and give them an incredible event day experience that’s totally streamlined, thanks to Leap’s powerful event app!


Partner With Our Rockstar Mobile App

Wow your attendees and revolutionize your next event with Leap’s cutting-edge mobile app! With our event app, attendees can customize their experience in the palm of their hand, ensuring they catch all their favorite activities and navigate your venue with ease. As the event organizer, you’ll gain powerful metrics, more onsite engagement, unique sponsorship opportunities, and streamlined event communication – just to name a few! Whether you’re hosting a music festival or fan convention, join our lineup of iconic events around the world who partner with Leap for the best event apps!

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The Best Mobile Apps for Events

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Capture More Insights

Gain real-time data on metrics like attendee interests and event app usage to personalize your experience and maximize revenue.

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Plan The Perfect Day

Empower your attendees with custom event schedules, interactive maps, and more to plan out and navigate their ideal day with ease.

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Extend Your Brand

Incorporate our mobile app as a seamless extension of your event, with a fully branded experience that fits your event’s needs.

Transform Your Events Today

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The Ultimate Companion App for Your Event

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Push Notifications

Keep your attendees in the loop before, during, and after your event by sending blasts of general and targeted messaging via our push notification system.

Interactive Maps

Make navigating your venue a breeze with a custom map, including dynamic tags, filters, and interactive location pins with detailed pages, so attendees get where they need to go in no time.

Sponsorship Placements

Connect your sponsors with attendees on the devices they use the most with in-app ad placements, mobile games, and targeted notifications to drive traffic to their booth.

Event Schedules

Publish your entire event schedule to your mobile app and allow users to view it as a list or timeline where they can favorite the panels, shows, or artists they’re most excited for.


Keep the party going with our event app’s gamification features, incentivizing more onsite engagement, capturing more data, and promoting your sponsors in a compelling way.

Custom Reporting

Gain a holistic view of your event with our personalized reporting dashboard, helping you better understand attendees in real time and discover trends from year-over-year reports.

Drive More Data with Nonstop Engagement

For attendees, our mobile app is their trusted companion on event day; for organizers, it’s the secret ingredient to continued event success. From the moment they register in the app to well after your event ends, you can collect tons of data on your event-goers to help elevate their experiences. Stay up-to-date with what performances, panels, and speakers your attendees are most excited about, and determine what activations they’ve interacted with the most. Our event app also can be integrated with our other solutions (like ticketing and activations), meaning you’ll streamline your data to save valuable time and money.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need anything special to have an app in stores?

Yes! You will need Apple and Google Developer Accounts in order for our team to help submit your app to their stores. If this is new to you, no worries! Our help articles can walk you through the process, and our team will be there to help you along every step of the way.

What types of event information can I include in my app?

You’ll have the ability to list virtually any type of information your users will need to navigate your event. We have a built-in schedule system that allows users to favorite items (so they don’t miss a beat at your event!), location points of interest, and even the ability to include lists for any type of content (food vendors, exhibitors, etc.).

Are there any sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes! Our mobile app offers lots of sponsorship opportunities. From brand inclusion on app graphics, to in-line banner ads, to push notifications, we have many ways to help your sponsors get their brand (and message) out to your app users!

How can I promote my mobile app to get more downloads?

Leverage your existing audience and channels! This includes promoting your app on your social media accounts and directly reaching out to your audience via email. Utilize your existing customer database to inform people to download your app, both those who already have a ticket and those who may still be on the fence about attending your event.

What types of events need mobile apps?

Events of all sizes, shapes, and topics can benefit from an event mobile app! One of the main benefits of offering your fans a mobile app is to improve their experience at your events. Your app will allow them to easily navigate your event; know where each panel, activity, and session is happening; and ensure they are up-to-date on every potential change throughout the day (large or small).

Although we feel fans are best served with a mobile app (and we find fans expect one!), we understand there can be barriers to entry for a fan downloading a mobile app. For these situations, we also provide an intuitive and easy experience for the fan to engage with our mobile web app solution as a part of Leap Activations. Allow your fans to sign up and engage using their mobile web browser. Fans can use their mobile devices to scan a QR code and launch an experience (registration, free-to-play games, surveys, etc.). Still need somewhere to manage your event schedule so you can easily post updates on your website? You can utilize our easy-to-configure web embed offering.