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Donor Engagement

Get the fullest picture of your patrons and raise more funds to fuel your organization’s mission, all with our donor relationship and nonprofit CRM.

Elevate Your Donor Relationship Management

At Leap, we understand that fundraising is the lifeblood of your nonprofit arts organization. That's precisely why we developed cutting-edge donor database platform — an all-in-one solution that effortlessly consolidates all your data. With the power of Leap Patron Management, you’ll unlock the full potential of your ticketing, membership, and patron engagement records to supercharge your fundraising efforts. With this complete picture available, you’ll be ready to make those fundraising asks at the perfect moment and offer your donors the best experiences possible!

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A Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits, Dedicated to Your Success


Unify Your Process

Consolidate the data of all your fundraising streams, from grants to individuals, into one place to make growing your nonprofit easier than ever.


Cultivate New Donors

Turn your frequent ticket buyers into loyal donors with dedicated campaigns that will drive their first donation to your organization.


Deepen Donor Relationships

Leverage our CRM donor management system to identify your top contributors and intentionally cultivate deeper relationships with them.

Elevate Your Arts Organization Today

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A Platform Dedicated to Your Fundraising Success

Fundraising Management

  • Gain a holistic view of every donor’s engagement with ticket sales, subscriptions, and contributions in the same donor database system.
  • Streamline contributions across multiple sources, from individual giving to corporate sponsorships, into your various funds.
  • Set up branded thank-you messages that are sent automatically to each of your donors to show them your appreciation.
  • Have all your data in the palm of your hand, thanks to our mobile app, so you can set reminders and capture donor interactions on the go.
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Donation Forms

  • Simplify your gift-giving process with custom online donation forms, linked directly to your website and optimized for mobile devices.
  • Customize the appearance of your donation forms (like your ticketing pages!) to match the branding of your arts and cultural organization.
  • Give patrons the option to send one-time or recurring donations using the same form.
  • Encourage donors to add an extra percentage to their gift to offset the credit card processing fee.
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Moves Management

  • Identify prospects and track action steps to nurture donor relationships, increasing their engagement, loyalty, and gift amount.
  • Automate assigning tasks to your staff, and send scheduled emails or surveys to patrons once they meet specific criteria.
  • Manage the pipelines of potential donors to strategize how and when you’ll reach out to them again so they will contribute by a target date.
  • Pinpoint exactly where you are in the prospecting process to calculate the exact probability of a given ask.
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Grant Management

  • Track your progress with each grant in one place, from researching to submitting your proposal to receiving funds, so you hit every deadline.
  • Set a probability for each stage, record conversations with grant officers, and attach multiple contacts to the grant for quick reference.
  • Link grants to different funds, keep track of payment schedules, apply general ledger codes, and designate what the money is used for.
  • Get a clear visual summary of all your grant applications currently in process to keep you on track.
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Campaigns for Fundraising

  • Group lists of contacts together under the banner of a specific initiative to help monitor the success of your efforts.
  • Use Campaign Hierarchies to nest multiple campaigns within larger initiatives and view your total budget, costs, and ROI at a glance.
  • Simplify your donor tracking by adding and updating contacts of a given campaign, easily changing their status after they’ve donated.
  • Manage RSVPs, donor information, and more with ease for invite-only gatherings, galas, and other events, as well as organize post-show meet and greets with donors.
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Comprehensive Reporting

  • Create dynamic financial reports to view all processed donations for a given timeframe, with options to group or exclude by record type, fund, donation origin, or campaign.
  • Follow the Q&A format of our CRM Snapshot Reporting to quickly build specific segments for your fundraising efforts.
  • Get a complete view of each patron, from first-time attendees to subscribers who’ve yet to donate, that’s easily comparable with filters and groupings.
  • Combine your data across ticketing and fundraising metrics for unified data collection and analysis.
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"Processing and tracking individual donations is so easy, both for us and our donors. Being able to easily track our campaigns, in addition to credits and relationships, has helped us better manage our fundraising efforts."

Boston Gay Men’s Chorus


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we transfer our historical data to Leap Patron Management?

Yes, data migration is part of our implementation services. Migrating data is a collaborative process that takes time and concentrated effort. Our staff will be there every step of the way to help you through the process.

Do you collect fees on donations to charitable organizations?

No! Aside from the credit card processing fees, we don’t retain any portion of your donations, nor do we add any service fees onto donations submitted through online fundraising.