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Salesforce Platform

Empower your arts and cultural organization with a complete view of your patrons through PatronManager, our industry-leading CRM service built on Salesforce.

One CRM to Rule Them All

At the heart of the Leap Patron Management solution lies our revolutionary Salesforce-based CRM – PatronManager! Powered by industry-defining technology, this is the only CRM you’ll ever need to enrich your patron engagement. Not only do you get the versatility and reliability of the Salesforce platform, you’ll have the support and resources of our Leap Patron Management solution to empower your nonprofit for success. With PatronManager, all your data will be centralized, and you’ll easily get the fullest picture of your valued patrons to elevate their experience and grow your arts community!

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Why Nonprofit Organizations Choose PatronManager

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Unparalleled Power

Take full advantage of Salesforce for nonprofits, designed to meet the needs of your organization and customizable with thousands of integrations!

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Streamlined Communication

Rely on us as your liaison with Salesforce, making it super convenient for you to collaborate with one partner rather than multiple companies.

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Industry-Leading Security

Rest assured that your data, including your patrons’ personal information, is completely safe and secure on Salesforce’s enterprise-level protection.

Elevate Your Arts Organization Today

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The Power of Salesforce Data Management

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Salesforce AppExchange

Leverage Salesforce integration tools from over 2,000 add-on apps, including marketing and workflow enhancement, to seamlessly grow your CRM with your organization.

Top-Notch Security

Trust every inch of your data is secure in Salesforce’s multi-tenant cloud that handles billions of transactions per day for over 150,000 clients, including Fortune 500 companies.

Detailed Profiles

Centralize every aspect of each patron’s data to one record, including their donation and ticket buying history, marketing they’ve received, staff they’ve spoken with, and more.

Salesforce Mobile App

View patron profiles, make updates, and share reports from your smartphone and tablet so you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

Salesforce Chatter

Collaborate within our system on a dedicated platform where your nonprofit organization can engage with colleagues and record important conversations for future reference.

Lightning Experience

Configure your CRM’s interface to best suit your organization’s needs, including dedicated workspaces for departments, quick views of patrons’ profiles, and automated data entry.


  • View your most important data in one place
  • Create department-specific dashboards with real-time updates
  • Display multiple reports using a range of chart and graph options 
  • Schedule dashboards to email you at regular intervals 
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Elevate Your Reporting with Salesforce

Unlock a deeper understanding of your patrons and propel your marketing and fundraising campaigns with the power of PatronManager’s reporting tools. Build custom reports or utilize our ready-to-go templates to uncover the exact insights you’re looking for. Plus, schedule automated reports for specific intervals, saving you time and always staying up-to-date on your organization’s performance. As you strategize your next move and find areas to improve, easily share reports with your team via Salesforce Chatter or email too. That way, your staff can work smarter, not harder – thanks to PatronManager!

"With PatronManager, we can utilize the full power of the Salesforce Platform. From data security to accessing our information literally anywhere, running our business on this technology is a no-brainer. Every day, the platform helps us connect the dots and understand who our patrons are, what they care about, and how to build better and deeper relationships."

Raleigh Little Theatre

"Reporting in PatronManager is so powerful and so easy that we have been able to raise the sophistication of our marketing and fundraising to a new level. There are no more ‘send to everyone’ campaigns — PatronManager’s reporting tools allow us to understand our patrons and make sure each person is getting the right message at the right time."

Croswell Opera