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Ticketing With Patron Management

Sell more tickets, customize event pages, manage your events, and connect with your community on a deeper level, thanks to our advanced box office ticketing and CRM system.

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Expand Your Ticketing Capabilities

When it comes to managing your arts and cultural organization, we understand there’s so much that goes into each performance and every season. Why not choose the ultimate platform that makes it easy to sell tickets? With Leap Patron Management, your online and box office ticketing becomes that much simpler, with additional tools powered by PatronManager. Our solution empowers you to completely control your events from top to bottom, giving you all the tools your organization needs to thrive.

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Helping You Every Step of the Way


Forge Stronger Relationships

Stay connected to your community with all your data in one place and by using up-to-date CRM tools, so you can identify your strongest supporters.

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Sell Tickets Whenever, Wherever

Save time and gain more flexibility with our online box office management system that allows you to sell your tickets anywhere.

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Make It Your Own

Customize your event pages to match your organization’s unique identity for a seamless, branded purchase process.

Elevate Your Arts Organization Today

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Start Your Ticketing Journey

Box Office

  • Sell tickets in-person and over the phone seamlessly, with a smooth purchase process for customers.
  • Manage all your sales operations in one convenient location with our online and box office ticketing system, including orders, refunds, and exchanges.
  • Connect ticketing information like order numbers, order history, and other data to existing contact records for people in your system.
  • Apply membership and subscriber benefits automatically, unlock private events, and view member statuses.
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Mobile Ticketing

  • Process walk-up tickets on the go and easily add custom ticket information, with both smartphones and tablets.
  • Update tickets in real time as changes arise, ensuring ticket information is always accurate for attendees.
  • Speed up the purchase process with faster loading times for tickets sold both online and through our venue box office.
  • Attach tickets to pre-show reminder emails and exchange confirmations, so attendees always have their tickets easily accessible.
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Subscriptions & Memberships

  • Create tailor-made subscription packages, with different types like flex, fixed, and more, giving subscribers greater flexibility when supporting your events.
  • Offer benefits like exclusive events, reserved seating, and discounted tickets to create stronger connections with your subscribers.
  • Nurture stronger patron relationships by offering membership tiers and benefits with level-specific perks, like early access to tickets.
  • Streamline the membership process with a fully online approach, including options to handle renewal, sales, and upsells to new and current members.
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Group Sales

  • Handle large ticket orders for big groups, with seamless management of multiple payments so no details get lost in the process.
  • Modify orders for customers before and after payment has been made, giving you and your customers greater flexibility.
  • Track the progress of an order and automatically adjust the amount due based on any included add-ons or upsells.
  • Keep large groups of friends and family together with our reserved seating functionality, ensuring everyone has a night they won’t forget.
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Mobile Scanning

  • Take control of your admissions process with our dedicated app, allowing you to scan codes from both printed and digital tickets in real time.
  • Greet attendees by name, and easily view any special order notes about their membership, donor status, and more.
  • Combine with our mobile box office management system to make scanning in attendees even easier, speeding up your admissions process.
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Discount Codes

  • Offer exclusive discounts to popular events, helping you increase attendance as well as strengthen your connections with attendees.
  • Customize discounts across member, subscriber, and donor levels, thanks to our flexible pricing options.
  • Edit discount names to match your brand or your latest event, improving your brand recognition and getting attendees excited.
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"We had 3 of our top 10 grossing shows last season including a sold-out performance of 'The Music of John Williams' and we got all the data for it!"

Wichita Symphony Society


Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are my credit card transactions? Are you PCI compliant?

Leap Patron Management has achieved PCI-DSS-Level 1, which is the highest level of data protection recognized by the credit card industry. So rest assured, your patrons’ purchase information is in safe hands!

Can we transfer our historical data to Leap Patron Management?

Yes, data migration is part of our implementation services. Migrating data is a collaborative process, which takes time and concentrated team effort. Our staff will gladly help you with this!

Is your platform mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! Our system is mobile-friendly, with dedicated features such as our mobile box office and mobile scanning. That way, you can manage your ticket sales and events right from your smartphone or tablet

Can I manage exchanges, refunds, and cancellations?

Yes, you can manage all your ticketing fees and returns entirely through our system, so that no matter what arises, you can ensure you have your patrons’ backs.

Can I build my own events, or should I contact support to make changes?

You can totally build and manage all of your events yourself through Leap Patron Management. Not only that, you can even adjust things once your shows are on sale!