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Virtual Events

Transform your online event into a viral sensation that your attendees will want to relive again and again with our all-in-one event technology solution.

The Ultimate
Virtual Solution

Turn your virtual event into a global experience that defies the physical boundaries of traditional events! With all the technology, data, and expertise you need in one place, you’ll have all the essentials to create fully virtual events or take your in-person events to the next level with additional online experiences. From secure live streams to nonstop fan engagement, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together.

Two college students enjoying a virtual event
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Creating Amazing Experiences Is What We Do.

Virtual Events, Elevated

Two college students enjoying a virtual event
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Stream Your Event With Ease

Host a live stream that keeps attendees on the edge of their seats! Gain total control over who can enter your stream with secure access codes and a waiting room. Once they’re in, blow your attendees away with a cinematic mix of both your live and pre-recorded videos. With more virtual event solutions (like watch parties and a live chat) to help amp up engagement, you’ll turn your global audience of fanatics into a tight-knit community.

Gated access Pre-stream sponsored videos Chat parties In-stream merch sales Virtual tipping Video on demand

Connect Fans With Their Favorite Celebrities

Let your fans meet their heroes! With our virtual meet & greets, your fans can chat with their favorite athletes, movie stars, and musical artists one-on-one or with their friends. Set up secure waiting rooms so fans can watch videos, view their queue position, and complete a tech check before their session. Then, once your meet & greets are underway, your talent has full control over how long each session lasts and who they talk to next. Plus, after each session, you can send each fan a recording of their conversation as the ultimate keepsake!

Flexible time slots Secure access codes Sponsorship placements Community waiting rooms Moderations tools Session recordings

Level Up with a Mobile App

Keep your attendees tuned into your online event before, during, and after with a companion app. Not only is it overflowing with content tailored to each attendee, it will serve as a branded hub that’ll guide them through their entire digital journey. On it, your fans can play interactive games, watch your streams, collect badges to win prizes, and so much more – all while you get deeper insights into what they’re into and what they do.

Custom schedules Digital scavenger hunts Badge collection Scan-to-win games Push notifications Sponsored ads

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Showcase your virtual event as it really is: a viral celebration for fans to enjoy worldwide. Our marketing experts will build, execute, and optimize your promotional efforts. With these highly-targeted marketing campaigns, you can discover new audiences who share a passion for your events and send your sales through the roof!

Email marketing CRM support Facebook Ads Instagram Ads Google Ads YouTube Ads
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Unmatched Data-Driven Insights

Unlock a holistic view of your entire online event that you can’t get anywhere else, powered by our unified technology solution. Identify how early your viewers enter your pre-stream waiting room, how long they engage with each of your online activities, how much traffic your sponsors are gaining, and so much more.

With all of this data at your fingertips, you’ll maximize revenue and gain more control over your virtual events than you ever thought possible. Not only will you understand everything your attendees do and how they make decisions, you will also tailor your experience to their preferences and keep them engaged all day long.

Transform Your Events Now

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