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The Complex's Commitment to Unforgettable Experiences

Attracting headliners and superstars like Post Malone, Queens of the Stone Age, and Lil Wayne, The Complex SLC consistently brings in nationally and internationally touring musicians and mind-blowing experiences to their attendees. The Complex features concerts, art galas, MMA fights, private parties, and more at their iconic Salt Lake City location.

Producing live events since 2010, The Complex has been owned and operated by The Complex Live, the event promotion company responsible for booking some of today’s biggest performers. The Complex originated in Salt Lake City as a destination venue, and is composed of a quartet of separate performance rooms of varying size and design. Whether it be a massively popular touring musician, an up-and-coming local band, or even a wedding reception, The Complex could handle it with no problem.

Today, The Complex continues to welcome some of the world's top touring artists at its venue. Some artists who’ve sold out shows there include Jelly Roll, Billie Eilish, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Slayer, Sleep Token, Macklemore, Billy Idol, J Cole, and Machine Gun Kelly. “Live music is one of the greatest experiences out there,” said Steve Loso, Marketing Director at The Complex. “A fan creating an everlasting memory with their favorite artist is everything to us, and it’s the reason we do what we do. Our goal is to provide an environment where this can happen.” With TicketLeap Pro (formerly ShowClix) as The Complex’s online ticketing platform of choice, let’s dive into some ways our solution is enhancing their operations!

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Fueling The Complex’s Event Operations

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The Complex has leveled up its operations in many ways since partnering with us in 2012. When talking with Steve Loso, we learned about just a few of the many hats he has to wear as an event promoter. When it comes to booking and running a concert at The Complex from start to finish, Loso shared with us some areas where TicketLeap Pro has enhanced his workflow over the past decade.


Given the unpredictable nature of the music industry, concert venues need to be able to put tickets on sale fast. As soon as Loso learns about a new show that’s been booked, he can have an event listing for that artist in under ten minutes with TicketLeap Pro. “It takes me just seven minutes to go into your ticketing platform, create a ticket link, and send it back to concert promoters,” Loso noted, “I would say that’s pretty streamlined if that’s how quick it’s taking.” From there, Loso can build out The Complex’s listings to be perfectly branded and as detailed as he needs. Plus, rather than having to wait on their previous ticketing partner to make their listings for them, The Complex now has complete autonomy to create and easily edit ticketing pages anytime, anywhere.


Being located in Salt Lake City, The Complex has faced some unique challenges in a snowy, mountainous state. When bad weather strikes and a performer needs to cancel at the last minute, the team can handle these situations easily, thanks to our platform and its built-in email campaign feature. Loso noted, “When tours are traveling from Denver to Salt Lake through treacherous weather, we do have a lot of last-minute cancellations or updates that need to happen. We have the ability to do that at any moment with TicketLeap Pro.


As soon as they learn about the cancellation, The Complex can immediately notify all affected attendees so they can request a refund or save their tickets for the rescheduled date. Not only that, TicketLeap Pro streamlines all of The Complex’s email communications, so they’re able to easily send other announcements and email marketing campaigns all from our ticketing system.


Being a music venue hosting hundreds of touring artists each year, The Complex works with tons of promoters, management teams, and more. Leading up to each show, Loso or someone else on his team used to manually send reports on their ticket sale counts and total revenue nearly every morning, crunching the numbers at a tedious pace. Given that they’d be individually sending these reports to 60-80 shows on sale at any given time, Loso noted, “It took a lot of resources, a lot of manpower, and a lot of time.” 


With TicketLeap Pro, we automated the sending of these daily ticket count reports so they can be shared with key stakeholders for each show, without The Complex having to lift a finger. Now, that time can be focused back on other aspects of their events! “Taking that and condensing it into one setup that takes maybe 7-10 minutes to set up a daily report has been amazing,” said Loso, “That’s a substantial amount of time being saved.” Additionally, The Complex can fully customize each report to share the exact information needed, with all reports consolidated on one platform.


When trying out new marketing tactics, it’s important to know what’s working and what’s not. With TicketLeap Pro, Loso can attach tracking tags on The Complex’s website, social media, paid ads, QR codes on flyers, and more. From there, he’s able to see which channels are bringing in the most ticket sales and make more informed decisions on how to optimize his marketing efforts moving forward. For example, The Complex initially posted their concerts to a large number of third-party websites, with our tracking tags on them. From there, they narrowed down this to only a handful of websites that actually generated ticket sales for them, saving them time and better optimizing their efforts.

Elevating The Fan Experience at The Complex Concerts

With over 180,000 people attending their concerts in 2023 alone, their goal has been to make each fan’s concert-going experience as fun and convenient as possible. One area they needed to improve was parking. In the past, attendees’ only option was to purchase parking onsite with cash. Since many don’t carry cash nowadays, The Complex wanted to offer a more convenient option. 

Thanks to TicketLeap Pro’s upselling feature, attendees can buy parking during checkout alongside buying their event tickets online. “What we used to offer parking would be an individual on the street doing hand-to-hand sales for a lot across the street,” Loso commented. “Now, we’re able to provide a solution for people to be able to purchase parking in advance while purchasing tickets, offering an elevated experience for them.” This way, they can quickly park without any hassle when they arrive to jam out with their favorite artist!

Additionally, The Complex wanted to streamline how they offered seating upgrades to their attendees. Instead of using cash, these exclusive experiences are now easily accessible to every attendee during their ticket buying process. Thanks toTicketLeap Pro, fans can get the best seat in the house to enjoy the show!

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Helping Performers Shine Brighter

With TicketLeap Pro giving them complete control over their venue’s ticketing, The Complex can now better accommodate their touring performers in unique ways as well. They have the ticketing, production, security, and more covered for the smoothest concert experience possible. That way, all the performers and their teams need to focus on is marketing their given shows. The Complex is also able to easily accommodate local indie artists by letting them use the space, just as a nationally touring artist would. “We’re different from a lot of venues who just charge rent for their space and let the event organizers do everything,” noted Loso. “With us, it’s a unique hybrid where we know how to run a venue really well, so the event organizers allow us to handle all of that. They’re just booking the artists, and we’re handling the rest of it for them, including ticketing, production, and security.

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“TicketLeap Pro is great to work with and has always been there if we needed anything. As we look to the future, we can trust they’ll continue to grow with us. You just can’t find that type of support anywhere else.”

Steve Loso

Marketing Director of The Complex

Leap Delivers Results

150+ Hrs

Saved in a year from manually pulling reports


Increase in ticketing revenue from 2022 to 2023


Increase in average order value with upsells

*Data collected from The Complex’s 2022-2023 season


As The Complex continues to share their passion for music and entertainment with the world, they will continue to use TicketLeap Pro to help them grow their business. To do this, TicketLeap Pro will continue to offer expert marketing solutions, provide a smooth presale process, and help them sell more tickets to their events by offering new system features. “The music industry is constantly evolving,” said Loso. “With TicketLeap Pro, we can trust we’ll always be a step ahead. They’re a great resource to have in your back pocket.”


Moving forward, The Complex not only has a powerful event technology solution by their side, but a team of passionate event experts as well. Whatever challenges The Complex may face as they scale, TicketLeap Pro’s account representatives and support team are there to help every step of the way. “It’s been great having all the support,” said Loso. “There’s always someone on the other end of an email that will dig into any issues or problems that we’re having. That’s been super helpful.


Seeing how we’ve helped The Complex succeed over a decade, Leap Event Technology’s suite of solutions is here to elevate your events too. Curious to learn more? Reach out to our team to see what we can do for your experiences, like we have been with The Complex!


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