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Partners & Integrations

Leverage our powerful lineup of integrations to tailor our Leap Patron Management solution to your arts organization’s evolving needs.

Harness the Power of Our Partnerships

At Leap Patron Management, we understand that every arts and cultural organization has unique needs. As part of our all-in-one solution, we have a lineup of dedicated PatronManager partners that effortlessly integrate with our platform, ensuring your organization has everything it needs to succeed. Whether it’s web design, email marketing, ticket printing, or other essential tools, our lineup of PatronManager integrations will take your organization to new heights!

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How Our Solution Stands Out from the Rest

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Personalized Toolkit

Select from a wide variety of PatronManager partnerships and integrations to mold our solution to fit your organization’s goals.

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Powerful Scalability

Use arts management technology that’s constantly upgrading and incorporating new integrations to grow with your organization.

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Unparalleled Convenience

Integrate your systems and data into our all-in-one solution, and rely on our trusted PatronManager partners for your organization’s diverse needs.

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Tools to Supercharge Your Events

"The add-on solutions we’ve found in the Salesforce AppExchange® have helped us advance PatronManager for our specific needs, giving us the tools we need to use the system to run every aspect of our organization!"

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